Energy Systems Services

Posted by on December 10, 2011

We offer skilled and efficient services on-site where the product installed by our service personnel. We have extended services to all of our customers in the following ways:

We will provide technical support for choosing the right product which suits their budget by understanding the customer requirements with respect to the loads & site conditions; accordingly we will recommend & make them to utilize properly as they need.

Under Guarantee
We are providing services to our products on-site to an “n” number of times without claiming any extra charges during guarantee period. Also stand-by assistance will be provided during major breakdowns. though they are in the field, calls will be responded within 24 hours downtime.

Post Guarantee
We also provide our services even after expiry of the guarantee; till the product life, Since our products are covered under “life time product support”. We undertake and solve the problems to your utmost customer satisfactory level. There are two types of post Guarantee services as shown here under.

Annual Maintenance Contract – (AMC)
services which ensures the customer, to have trouble-free operations to support their regular schedule without any interruption. We provide services in various stages as follows to enhance the product life:

Site Inspection
Site Inspections will be done before supplying any product to understand about the customer requirements & availability of power sources & drawing the wiring in shortest path without damaging their wall & other accessories.

Call Basis

We will also extend services under call basis on reasonable charges neither under the guarantee nor under AMC.
• To bring the product under manufacturers’ direct control.
• To undertake preventive / routine maintenance to safeguard the equipment.
• To improve reliability of the product.
• To provide stand-by unit if required during a major break-down.
• To provide replacement during the guarantee period.
• To replace the spares at free of cost.
• To support the customer during shifting.

Installation Support
We also provide you with start-up assistance to help you run and maintain the machines as required. We provide wiring as per customer requirement and satisfaction, also install in the right place. Without disturbing the existing wiring set-up.

Maintenance Support
We undertake precautionary steps to observe all the basic parameters & rectify it for the purpose of minimizing the number of breakdowns and enhance the life of products.


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