Form 5 (Application for licence to sell stock and exhibite for sale and distributors drugs)

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Form 5 (Application for licence to sell stock and exhibite for sale and distributors drugs)

Warehousing and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products.


License issuing authority is Inspector of Drugs of respective Province of Pakistan.


Below mentioned documents are required alongwith application form (copy of Form 5 is attcahed)

i) Attested Copy of the qualified person (Dispenser/Compounders / b. Pharmacy.

ii) Photocopy (attested) of C.N.I.C of the proprietor and qualified person (Computerized).

iii) Four attested Photograph of the Qualified person (Dispenser / Compounder / B. Pharmacy).

iv) Affidavit being the proprietor and qualified person to inform the inspector of Drugs as soon as either of the party cases to have the interest in license under their rules.

v) Attested photocopy of the registration issued by the CCI & E ( Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) (TDAP).

vi) Manufacturer’s Authority as Agent (In case of Whole sale/ Distributors).

vii) Rent / Receipt /Agreement (Attested).

viii) Treasury Challan For Rs;________________.

ix) Copy of NTN Certificate & Number.

x) Copy of Sales Registration.

xi) Complete Address of Warehouse / Store / Godown.

After completing the above mentioned documentary requirement along-with application form, the case is submitted to The Inspector of Drugs for processing and issuance of license.

B) Printing and Packing of Pharmacuitical Products.


Drug Manufacturing License is required.

Procedure of getting Drugs Manfacuring License is already provided in my below email.

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